Michael Frazer

Songs have been an important part of my life for as long as I can remember. And I’ve always loved to sing.  It is always about the song for me, rather than the artist. I don’t care who creates it, or who interprets a song, if I like a song, I like it, and I will usually like it forever. 

I started writing songs in my teens and I never stopped.  On the guitar, at a keyboard, or just starting with a bare vocal melody, my love of creating songs drives me. Ideas often come to me as I’m falling asleep, or waking up, or just busy doing something else.  

The good thing about working solo is that I get to have things exactly how I want them.  The downside is of course, that I dont get creative input from other musicians. However, having tried it both ways, I prefer to work on my own… for now.  







Michael Frazer. Unplugged 2020

Nowhere is Here - cover shotAlbum - the fish that swallowed the moon