Michael Frazer. Songsmith.

the fish that swallowed the moon

I’ve spent a few years creating and recording the songs for my new album: the fish that swallowed the moon. Released on the 12th October 2018.

It’s a strange thing to create something so personal, to invest so much of myself into these eleven songs, and then put them out into the public domain. But that’s the nature of the beast.

It’s a solo  piece of work.  This time however, I called in the professionals to mix and master it. Between them, Brian Reeves and Pete Maher have an amazing body of work.  Brian did a great job mixing, giving everything a place, and space to be heard. And Pete’s mastering renders the songs in a warm, quality soundscape. 

You can hear these songs on the streaming site of your choice. 



Oh yeah!

Michael Frazer. Songsmith? I chose this word carefully, though it could be said to have a slightly pretentious ring to it.

What do I mean by it? When I work on a song, I don’t always just sit at an instrument and ‘write’ it, then create the instrumental parts to record it. Though that does happen on some songs like Signs, Sister Lisa, North etc.

For some of these songs, when I begin working on them, they keep on evolving as I audition ideas, and instruments and structures.  So I feel they are smithy’d out rather than written … hence Michael Frazer. Songsmith.  


Previous Release – nowhere is here

My first album. Some fond memories of creating these songs in an incredibly pressured timescale on some basic, but good equipment.  Great sound too. 

I still listen to this… yes i know!  But I do tend to create the kind of music that I like to listen to.

This was a solo album which I put out under the name of ‘redhouse’ in 2000.  Now , in 2018, I’m taking it back under my name, Michael Frazer.


Nowhere is Here - cover shot